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Coast to Country Housing Company has been providing a pathway home for people since 1991, but we can’t do it alone. Your tax deductible donation will provide individuals and families with a place to connect with their community, realise opportunities and achieve the life they have imagined; a house that they can make their home. Your support will provide someone a place to call home.


Client Service Charter

A client service charter is a statement that reflects the company’s basic principles, values, and commitment to client services.

We want the clients of Coast to Country Housing Company (C2C) who use our services to be empowered by this experience.

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Why do we have a client service charter?

Our client service charter makes clear statements about the nature and standard of the service C2C provides to our clients and assists clients to play an active role in decisions that affect their lives.

Who we are and what we do!

C2C’s vision is to be the leader in providing positive solutions for people where they can connect with the community, realise opportunities, and achieve the life they have imagined.

C2C has a commitment to working with clients and service providers to sustain tenancies via policies and procedures which encourage tenant participation.

Our Responsibility.

C2C clients have the right to be treated fairly and equitably when using our services, whether in person, by phone, in writing or by email. These standards outline the level of service that clients can expect to receive from C2C.

Accessing C2C.

C2C clients are welcome to access the office during business hours. Appointments are not required and Housing Specialists will be available to assist with enquiries.

Service Delivery Standards.

In accordance with C2C’s Code of Conduct, staff and volunteers of the company will act professionally at all times, treat each person fairly, observe privacy and confidentiality, and ensure the health and safety of all persons accessing the company’s premises.

In providing our services, we value:

Clients can expect:

Help us to help you by:

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