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Coast to Country Housing Company has been providing a pathway home for people since 1991, but we can’t do it alone. Your tax deductible donation will provide individuals and families with a place to connect with their community, realise opportunities and achieve the life they have imagined; a house that they can make their home. Your support will provide someone a place to call home.


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Clients of Coast to Country Housing Company (C2C) have the right to have their feedback heard and dealt with in a systematic way. Feedback will be addressed promptly, fairly and have privacy respected.

C2C is committed to ensuring that any person who submits feedback about the service provided by the company will be protected from any repercussions or reprisals for submitting feedback.

Submit Feedback

How do I submit feedback or make a complaint?

Feedback or complaints can be lodged in a number of ways:

What happens after my feedback is lodged?

The matter will be investigated, and further information may be requested if necessary. A response to the complaint will be provided in writing within 14 days of the complaint being lodged.

What is an appeal?

You can request an appeal if a decision has been made by C2C that you don’t agree with and wish to be reviewed.

Some decisions cannot be appealed, such as:

How do I lodge an appeal?

Appeals must be lodged in writing online or by using the appropriate form. Contact C2C to request a copy of this form. Appeals must be lodged within 28 days of being given notice of the decision. Appeals should be addressed to the Client Service Manager, and will be acknowledged within 48 hours of being received by C2C.

What happens after my appeal is lodged?

Appeals will be reviewed and considered, along with relevant legislation and C2C Policies and Procedures. Further information may be requested regarding the appeal if necessary.
A response to the appeal will be provided in writing within 28 days of the appeal being lodged.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of a complaint or appeal there are number of external bodies who may be able to assist you. They are:


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Submit Feedback

Fill out the form below with your feedback or complaint. A Coast To Country staff member will provide a response within 14 days. You can rest assured that we will look in to this.